Akatsuki by HMAmakusa by KusareMiyabiAndroid 16 by CHOUJIN
Billy Kane by ToraBrave=RanfordBristol by CHOUJIN
DcatDimlos by MukoDonatello by Dcat
DorujiDr.Gero by CHOUJINEagle by CrazyKoopa
Elpizo by JOJO FuEnja by MisaoEvil Ryu by Chloe
Franco Bash by ToraFrieza by CHOUJINFujisaki Shiori by Wingzeroplus
Gen an by KusareMiyabiGou Hibiki by BaskHAL
HappaHong Meilong by FelicityIce by Black
IkarugaJohn Anderson by (^o^)Kane by Black
KiriboshiKojiroh Sanada by OhgakiKongman by MATY
Krizalid by GoD RyuLeonardo by DcatLian by Marktwo
Lilith Aileron by BaraLunathia by HyperhiroroMage
Masked Rider Blade by QzakMichelangelo by DcatMr.Satan by CHOUJIN
Mugen Plate Today WikiMyonGitune by 箱猫Omega Rugal by Aki
OuchiPerfect Cell by CHOUJINPiccolo by CHOUJIN
Qua by DakuseiRajaaDhalsim by RajaaBoyRaphael by Dcat
Real Shishioh by AhuronReisen Ground Type by FelicityRemy by Fido
Scarlet Devil by AkakedamaSektShigen Naoe by Ohgaki
Shinsaku Maekawa by (^o^)Sokaku Mochiduki by ToraSon Gohan by CHOUJIN
Son Goku by CHOUJINStevareno by MassSuper Goku by CHOUJIN
TobikageTrunks by CHOUJINVegeta by CHOUJIN
Xehrnyth by LucifelShiningLYorihime Watatsuki by ShirotoYuri Lowell by Yasainoyama
File:Akatsuki by HM.pngFile:Akatsuki by HM Big Icon.pngFile:Akatsuki by HM Small Icon.png
File:Amakusa by KusareMiyabi.pngFile:Amakusa by KusareMiyabi (2).pngFile:Amakusa by KusareMiyabi (2) Big Icon.png
File:Amakusa by KusareMiyabi (2) Small Icon.pngFile:Amakusa by KusareMiyabi Big Icon.pngFile:Amakusa by KusareMiyabi Small Icon.png
File:Android 16 by CHOUJIN.pngFile:Android 16 by CHOUJIN Big Icon.pngFile:Android 16 by CHOUJIN Small Icon.png
File:Billy Kane by Tora.pngFile:Billy Kane by Tora Big Icon.pngFile:Billy Kane by Tora Small Icon.png
File:Bristol by CHOUJIN.pngFile:Bristol by CHOUJIN Big Icon.pngFile:Bristol by CHOUJIN Small Icon.png
File:Dimlos by Muko.pngFile:Dimlos by Muko Big Icon.pngFile:Dimlos by Muko Small Icon.png
File:Donatello by Dcat.pngFile:Donatello by Dcat Big Icon.pngFile:Donatello by Dcat Small Icon.png
File:Dr.Gero by CHOUJIN.pngFile:Dr.Gero by CHOUJIN Big Icon.pngFile:Dr.Gero by CHOUJIN Small Icon.png
File:Eagle by CrazyKoopa.pngFile:Eagle by CrazyKoopa Big Icon.pngFile:Eagle by CrazyKoopa Small Icon.png
File:Elpizo by JOJO Fu.pngFile:Elpizo by JOJO Fu Big Icon.pngFile:Elpizo by JOJO Fu Small Icon.png
File:Enja by Misao.pngFile:Enja by Misao Big Icon.pngFile:Enja by Misao Small Icon.png
File:Evil Ryu by Chloe.pngFile:Evil Ryu by Chloe Big Icon.pngFile:Evil Ryu by Chloe Small Icon.png
File:Forum new.gifFile:Franco Bash by Tora.pngFile:Franco Bash by Tora Big Icon.png
File:Franco Bash by Tora Small Icon.pngFile:Frieza by CHOUJIN.pngFile:Frieza by CHOUJIN Big Icon.png
File:Frieza by CHOUJIN Small Icon.pngFile:Fujisaki Shiori by Wingzeroplus.pngFile:Fujisaki Shiori by Wingzeroplus Big Icon.png
File:Fujisaki Shiori by Wingzeroplus Small Icon.pngFile:Gen an by KusareMiyabi.pngFile:Gen an by KusareMiyabi Big Icon.png
File:Gen an by KusareMiyabi Small Icon.pngFile:Gou Hibiki by Bask.pngFile:Gou Hibiki by Bask Big Icon.png
File:Gou Hibiki by Bask Small Icon.pngFile:Hong Meilong by Felicity.pngFile:Hong Meilong by Felicity Big Icon.png
File:Hong Meilong by Felicity Small Icon.pngFile:Ice by Black.pngFile:Ice by Black Big Icon.png
File:Ice by Black Small Icon.pngFile:John Anderson by (^o^).pngFile:John Anderson by (^o^) Big Icon.png
File:John Anderson by (^o^) Small Icon.pngFile:Kane by Black.pngFile:Kane by Black Big Icon.png
File:Kane by Black Small Icon.pngFile:Kojiroh Sanada by Ohgaki.pngFile:Kojiroh Sanada by Ohgaki Big Icon.png
File:Kojiroh Sanada by Ohgaki Small Icon.pngFile:Kongman by MATY.pngFile:Kongman by MATY Big Icon.png
File:Kongman by MATY Small Icon.pngFile:Krizalid Big Icon.pngFile:Krizalid Small Icon.png
File:Krizalid by GoD Ryu.pngFile:Leonardo by Dcat.pngFile:Leonardo by Dcat Big Icon.png
File:Leonardo by Dcat Small Icon.pngFile:Lian by Marktwo.pngFile:Lian by Marktwo Big Icon.png
File:Lian by Marktwo Small Icon.pngFile:Lilith Aileron by Bara.pngFile:Lilith Aileron by Bara Big Icon.png
File:Lilith Aileron by Bara Small Icon.pngFile:Lunathia by Hyperhiroro.pngFile:Lunathia by Hyperhiroro Big Icon.png
File:Lunathia by Hyperhiroro Small Icon.pngFile:Masked Rider Blade by Qzak.pngFile:Masked Rider Blade by Qzak Big Icon.png
File:Masked Rider Blade by Qzak Small Icon.pngFile:Michelangelo by Dcat.pngFile:Michelangelo by Dcat Big Icon.png
File:Michelangelo by Dcat Small Icon.pngFile:Mr.Satan by CHOUJIN.pngFile:Mr.Satan by CHOUJIN Big Icon.png
File:Mr.Satan by CHOUJIN Small Icon.pngFile:MyonGitune Big Icon.pngFile:MyonGitune Small Icon.png
File:MyonGitune by 箱猫.pngFile:Omega Rugal by Aki.pngFile:Omega Rugal by Aki Big Icon.png
File:Omega Rugal by Aki Small Icon.pngFile:Perfect Cell by CHOUJIN.pngFile:Perfect Cell by CHOUJIN Big Icon.png
File:Perfect Cell by CHOUJIN Small Icon.pngFile:Piccolo by CHOUJIN.pngFile:Piccolo by CHOUJIN Big Icon.png
File:Piccolo by CHOUJIN Small Icon.pngFile:Qua by Dakusei.pngFile:Qua by Dakusei Big Icon.png
File:Qua by Dakusei Small Icon.pngFile:RajaaDhalsim by RajaaBoy.pngFile:RajaaDhalsim by RajaaBoy Big Icon.png
File:RajaaDhalsim by RajaaBoy Small Icon.pngFile:Raphael by Dcat.pngFile:Raphael by Dcat Big Icon.png
File:Raphael by Dcat Small Icon.pngFile:Real Shishioh by Ahuron.pngFile:Real Shishioh by Ahuron Big Icon.png
File:Real Shishioh by Ahuron Small Icon.pngFile:Reisen Ground Type by Felicity.pngFile:Reisen Ground Type by Felicity Big Icon.png
File:Reisen Ground Type by Felicity Small Icon.pngFile:Remy by Fido.pngFile:Remy by Fido Big Icon.png
File:Remy by Fido Small Icon.pngFile:Scarlet Devil by Akakedama.pngFile:Scarlet Devil by Akakedama Big Icon.png
File:Scarlet Devil by Akakedama Small Icon.pngFile:Shigen Naoe Big Icon.pngFile:Shigen Naoe Small Icon.png
File:Shigen Naoe by Ohgaki.pngFile:Shinsaku Maekawa by (^o^).pngFile:Shinsaku Maekawa by (^o^) Big Icon.png
File:Shinsaku Maekawa by (^o^) Small Icon.pngFile:Sokaku Mochiduki by Tora.pngFile:Sokaku Mochiduki by Tora Big Icon.png
File:Sokaku Mochiduki by Tora Small Icon.pngFile:Son Gohan by CHOUJIN.pngFile:Son Gohan by CHOUJIN Big Icon.png
File:Son Gohan by CHOUJIN Small Icon.pngFile:Son Goku by Choujin.pngFile:Son Goku by Choujin Big Icon.png
File:Son Goku by Choujin Small Icon.pngFile:Stevareno by Mass.pngFile:Stevareno by Mass Big Icon.png
File:Stevareno by Mass Small Icon.pngFile:Super Goku by CHOUJIN.pngFile:Super Goku by CHOUJIN Big Icon.png
File:Super Goku by CHOUJIN Small Icon.pngFile:Trunks by CHOUJIN.pngFile:Trunks by CHOUJIN Big Icon.png
File:Trunks by CHOUJIN Small Icon.pngFile:Vegeta by CHOUJIN.pngFile:Vegeta by CHOUJIN Big Icon.png
File:Vegeta by CHOUJIN Small Icon.pngFile:Xehrnyth by LucifelShiningL.pngFile:Xehrnyth by LucifelShiningL Big Icon.png
File:Xehrnyth by LucifelShiningL Small Icon.pngFile:Yorihime Watatsuki by Shiroto.pngFile:Yorihime Watatsuki by Shiroto Big Icon.png
File:Yorihime Watatsuki by Shiroto Small Icon.pngFile:Yuri Lowell by Yasainoyama.pngFile:Yuri Lowell by Yasainoyama Big Icon.png
File:Yuri Lowell by Yasainoyama Small Icon.png

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